In the seven years that I have worked with McDonald’s I have had my expectations consistently met and exceeded. No matter the circumstances, long term care, short term coverage, last minute situations, they step into the challenge and provide me with caregiver choices I would be unable to find, much less fully vet on my own. Amazing customer service; the kind you rarely find anymore. I am indebted to them.


In my opinion the McDonald agency is the highest quality agency to help someone with all levels of caregivers. My husband and I went from part time to full time help and every single employee they sent was the finest we have ever seen.  Our caregiver that helped us to the end of my husband’s life was a very trusted and loyal person; I could not have gone through all of it without her. I would highly recommend the McDonald agency to anyone.  Thank you.


I cannot tell you how wonderful the caregivers who take care of my father are! The relationships that he has found with both men have been so comforting for my brothers and me. They truly care about him, who he is and what his needs are day-to-day. I believe this is due to Laurie and George who took the time to interview the family and Dad to understand him and his needs. Both men have become part of our family and, more importantly, are constant companions to my father. I would and I have recommended it as the top agency in Seattle for home care for the elderly. Thank you to McDonald Employment.


McDonald Employment Agency  has excellent home health experts on their roster.  Our family used three amazing young men for care of an elderly Parkinson’s patient in our home.

I would highly recommend this agency for skilled, trustworthy, individuals trained to care for loved ones in the home setting.  Anon.